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  • Read this article about the ISU Kent Corporation Feed Mill and Grain Science Complex in Grain Journal Magazine. You can download the article below.



    ISU Students Dawson Schmitt, Layne Hopper, and Brandan Ryan completed a project creating this informative video about the Kent Corporation Fee Mill and Grain Science Complex

  • Iowa State University had its eye on building its own feed mill.

    It would be a working operation, a chance to advance research on how to process corn grown across the state into animal feed. It would also double as a teaching center both for students on campus and for pros in the industry.

    But first, the school needed upward of $20 million. University officials could have asked the state legislature for the money. But they knew they would be chasing funds that have decreased over the years and they’d fall in a long line of competitors.

    So the university turned to the companies most likely to benefit from what that mill could offer.

    That’s how the school ended up with the Kent Corporation Feed Mill and Grain Science Complex under construction now. Paid for without a dime from taxpayers.

  • Feed mill under construction

    AMES, Iowa – The large concrete structure that quite literally rose out of the ground near the intersection of Highway 30 and State Avenue Ames’s west side generated quite a buzz in conversations and on social media earlier this fall.

    To answer the question on everyone’s minds: The structure is the new feed mill tower on the site of Iowa State University’s Kent Corporation Feed Mill and Grain Science Complex, currently under construction on university-owned land. Once completed, the complex will include feed milling and mixing equipment, grain storage bins, grain drying and handling equipment, a warehouse and an educational building with classroom, lab and meeting spaces.

  • On August 31, 2021 Todd & Sargent hosted visitors on the site of the ISU Feed Mill & Grain Science Complex for the start of the concrete slip forming of the feed mill. The process started on Monday and continued 24/7 through Friday September 3. About 1,100 cubic yards of concrete and over 110 tons of rebar steel resulted in the feed mill tower being raised to 100 ft and 11 inches. The video is a recording of the speeches made during the event by John Sarget, CEO & President of Todd & Sargent, the lead contractors, Dan Robison, Dean of the College of Agriculture & Life Sciences, and others. A time lapse video of the slip forming process will be posted soon.

  • New Cooperative Inc.

    NEW Cooperative Contributes to Iowa State University’s New Feed Mill

    AMES, Iowa – NEW Cooperative has committed a $350,000 gift to Iowa State University’s feed mill and grain science complex, the latest organization to commit to the facility.

    “We are so thankful for NEW Cooperative’s generosity in financially supporting the new feed mill and grain science complex,” said Daniel J. Robison, holder of the Dean’s Endowed Chair in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences at Iowa State. “We cannot wait to get this state-of-the-art facility up and running, where faculty and staff will train our students, as well as industry professionals, and conduct impactful research in support of the grain and feed sector.”

  • Jim Rouse, executive director, Iowa Crop Improvement Association

    Iowa Crop Improvement Association Commits $1.5 Million for Iowa State University’s Feed Mill Project

    AMES, Iowa — The Iowa Crop Improvement Association has pledged $1.5 million to Iowa State University’s feed mill and grain science complex.

    Iowa Crop Improvement Association’s gift was announced earlier this month, during the groundbreaking ceremony for the $21.2 million project, which will be located on university-owned land south of Highway 30 in Ames. 

  • ISU feed mill breaking ground

    Iowa State University Breaks Ground for New Feed Mill and Grain Science Complex

    AMES, Iowa — Iowa State University broke ground Friday, Sept. 13, to mark the start of construction of its $21.2 million Kent Corporation Feed Mill and Grain Science Complex (name pending approval by the Board of Regents, State of Iowa).

  • CPM Donates $2.6 Million to Iowa State University Feed Mill Project

    AMES, Iowa — California Pellet Mill (CPM), the world's leading supplier of animal feed processing equipment, is donating nearly $2.6 million in equipment to a new educational and research facility for feed milling and grain science at Iowa State University.

    CPM’s donation will provide equipment, automation and services. The gift is the latest contribution to the $21.2 million feed mill and grain science complex, which will be funded entirely through private giving.

  • Two women experimenting

    $14 million committed by Kent Corporation, Iowa Corn Promotion Board and Sukup Manufacturing Co. for Iowa State feed mill, grain science project

    AMES, Iowa — Kent Corporation is committing $8 million, the Iowa Corn Promotion Board $4 million and Sukup Manufacturing Co. $2 million in support of a new Iowa State University educational and research facility for feed milling and grain science.

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